Brendan Sullivan

Founder & President

My life continues to be impacted in countless positive ways by the incredible teachers and coaches I had growing up here in the Washington area. I started Headfirst to give young people the same opportunities that I was fortunate enough to have growing up; to learn how to play with joy, be a great teammate and friend, set and achieve personal goals, overcome obstacles, and to develop their leadership skills – no matter the activities through which they find their current passions. We work year-round to create an environment built on thoughtfulness, teamwork, love and inspiration which enables all of our campers, musicians and student-athletes to prosper and enjoy their time in our programs.


Stanford University, B.A.

Professional Experience

San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, The Headfirst Companies

Camps Attended

Georgetown Basketball Camp, Washington Baseball School ( WBS )

Walk-up Song

"Don't Drink The Water" by Dave Matthews Band

Dream job as a Kid

Most of my childhood dream involved a professional supports uniform – and I feel fortunate to have had the experience of playing professional baseball. Now I live my dream job as a kid and I never could have imagined loving my work as much as I enjoy what I do every day with our inspiring Headfirst team.